Krikorian Services

cozy coupleAs a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT #8502) of more than 40 years, I am able to bring a broad depth of knowledge to my work with my clients.  I seek to meet people where they are, listen carefully to their feelings and dilemmas and  then begin to offer feedback, tools and support to help them get unstuck from where they currently are stuck in their lives.

In my practice, I strive to create a safe atmosphere where people can be themselves, open up at their own pace and reveal more fully who they are.  I then help them become aware of underlying issues and feelings that may be keeping them stuck in unsatisfying patterns.  This increased awareness of “what makes us tick” can lead to greater acceptance of ourselves and a better understanding of others.  I also teach communication skills so that we are better able to express how we feel and increase the likelihood of being heard and understood by others.

Individual Therapy

We continue to learn, grow and mature throughout our life unless something in us blocks this growth. We can be blocked by leftover beliefs/behaviors that we developed in childhood to adapt to difficult conditions.  Learn More...

Couples Therapy

When the initial excitement and joy of falling in love simmers down, the differences in style, communication and temperament between the two individuals can become more apparent. Sometimes, couples need help to find ways to deal with these differences ...  Learn More